Pamper Club Member (PCM) Terms & Conditions


  1. The signatory as per the attached Application form becomes entitled to the Pamper Club Benefits as envisioned on the date he/she signs the application form together with the Pamper Card whereupon he/she shall be called the Pamper Club Member.
  2. The PCM shall from the starting date continue indefinitely to be a Pamper Club Member until such time that he/she terminates his/her Loyalty benefits with 1 month calendar days written notice or until such time that Ambientè Day Spa cancels the agreement with 1 months prior written notice.
  3. The PCM shall be entitled to redeem the balance of his/her Pamper points until such time that termination of this agreement occurs.
  4. <strong>BENEFITS</strong>
  5. The PCM can earn and redeem pamper points only at Ambientè Day Spa at 1 Keurboom Crescent, Plattekloof 3, 7500
  6. The PCM shall receive once every year and only in the month of their birthday a complimentary sixty minute treatment of their choice.
  7. Each time a PCM purchases a treatment or retail product, he/she will earn 10% of the treatment cost or retail price (inclusive of VAT) back in Pamper points on his/her Pamper Card
  8. Each time a PCM successfully introduces a friend to the program and the friend signs up as a PCM and pays the Annual Pamper fee as a result of the introduction, the PCM shall receive 50 Pamper points on his/her Pamper card.
  9. PCM shall receive a notice of the amount of their Pamper points and Exclusive monthly offers every 30 days. PCM can enquire at the Spa’s Reception should they wish to find out the amount of points before the 30 days are due.
  10. The Birthday voucher is valid only on presentation of a valid Identification document and Pamper card
    The PCM can book any 30 min treatment and bring a friend for free only once a month. This treatment cannot be accumulated to the next month, should it not be redeemed it will lapse and will not be carried over under any circumstances including sickness or travel or any cause that may result in the member not being able to redeem it.
  11. <strong>REDEEMING PAMPER POINTS</strong>
  12. Member benefits are available only on presentation of the Pamper Card
  13. When a PCM has a treatment he/she will earn 10% of the treatment cost back in Pamper points. The PP will be loaded on the PCM’s card and will reflect on the system after 48 hours.
  14. Pamper points will be available to spend 48 hours (two days) after a member has accumulated them. Pamper points on any given transaction will reflect on the spa’s system after 48 hours of that transaction.
  15. After a member enjoys a treatment or purchases a Retail product, the PCM should hand in his/her card to the Front Desk Co-Ordinator and indicate how many Pamper points they would like to redeem on the card.
  16. Should the Pamper points not cover the full amount of the transaction, the PCM must pay the balance of the transaction either in Cash/Credit card and they will earn 10% back on the balance that the PCM has paid in.  E.g. If a member has 100 Pamper points on their card and they purchase a product worth R200 and the PCM would like to redeem their points. The Front Desk co-ordinator shall deduct the 100 points i.e. R200 – R100 PP = R100. The PCM will earn points on the balance of the transaction after the PP has been deducted i.e. they will earn 10% of the R100 which can be redeemable at his/her next visit.
  17. If the PCM uses the Pamper points to pay for the full balance of the treatment or product purchase, the PCM shall not earn any points back on the card.

<strong>GENERAL INFORMATION</strong>
Expiry Pamper points can be accumulated from 1st April through 31 March of each year and may be redeemed at any time during this period. If Pamper points are not redeemed, they will expire each consecutive year on the on 31st May of that year. Pamper points accumulated during 2011 will expire on 31st May 2012. Lost loyalty cards Should a PCM report his/her card lost, the card will be blocked until such time that the PCM pays a replacement fee of R50 to the spa and the card will be re-issued and re-activated. No Pamper points will be forfeited and the balance of the points shall be transferred to the new loyalty card.


  • The spa reserves the right to change the Pamper Club Benefits and the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • Only 1 Pamper Club member may earn or redeem Pamper points on a transaction
  • Pamper points may not be exchanged for cash
  • The Pamper card is not transferable
  • The Pamper Club member receives priority when booking treatments at the spa but this applies only when the PCM acknowledges that the treatments are subject availability.